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I have spent a great deal of time in Cuba over the years, including living in Habana in 2008 and 2009,   and it growing in my imagination throughout my adolescence. While there I worked for Prensa Latina, and generally enjoyed all of the wonderful things Cuba has to offer, from the arts and intellectual scene, to making new friends with many people who are trying to open up more space for participation and autogestion, of the non authoritarian socialist variety.

One of the things I began, and continue to work on, is a book about day to day life in Cuba. It includes some interviews, but is generally more of a narrative on life, and the humorous and oh so serious day to day occurrences one encounters and survives.

This section of my website is dedicated to sharing some of this writing, as well as asking for people to  share stories with me, whether you are Cuban, Italian, Argentine, Angolan or anywhere in between.

I am looking for all sorts of anecdotes that you feel reflect life on this magical and fantastical island.

Please share, as will I.

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