Marina Sitrin

dreaming the impossible

Chapters in Edited Volumes:

“The Chills of Occupied Power: The First Month of Occupied Wall Street” (2011) This Changes Everything: How the 99% Woke Up, eds. Sarah van Gelder and the staff of Yes! Magazine, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, US

“One No! Many Yeses” (2011) Occupy: Scenes from and Occupied America, eds. Astra Taylor, Keith Gessen, and the editors from N+1, Verso Press, New York & London

“Fueling the Flames of Dignity in Argentina” (2011)  Social Movements and the Postcolonial: Dispossession, Development and Resistance in the Global South, eds. Alf Gunvald Nilsen and Sara Motta, Palgrave Macmillan’s Global Academic Publishing, Hampshire, UK

“El Argentinazo” (2009) Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest: 1500 to the Present, ed. Immanuel Ness, Blackwell Publications, Boston, MA

“Horizontalism in Argentina” (2008) Development Reader: An Introduction to International Development Issues, ed. Stephen McCloskey, Center for Global Education, Ireland

“Horizontalidad, Autogestion and New Subjectivity in Argentina: What Makes Something Anarchist?” (2008) Discussions on Anarchism Reader, Domomladine Press, Belgrade, Serbia

“Weaving Imagination and Creation,” (2004)  Globalize Liberation, ed. David Solnit,    City Lights Press, San Francisco, CA

“The Power of the Piqueteros” & “Legal Solidarity” (2003) We are Everywhere: The Irresistible Rise of Global Anti-Capitalism, ed. Notes from Nowhere, Verso Press, London, UK

Horizontalidad en/in Argentina (2003) An interview based bilingual booklet


May Day – On Newness and History, with Dario Azzellini (ZMagazine online)

What Does Democracy Look Like? (The Nation Magazine)

Horizontalism and Territory (Possible Futures: Social Science Research Council)

Horizontalism and the Occupy Movements (Dissent Magazine)

A Year of Beginnings: The 10th Anniversary of the Argentine Popular Rebellion (NACLA online)

The Camp Is the World: Connecting the Occupy Movements and the Spanish May 15th Movement, with Luis Moreno-Caballud (Huffington Post)

One No! Many Yeses! (Occupy Gazette – N+1 issue 1)

Some Issues with Horizontalism (Occupy Gazette – N+1 issue 3)

Horizontalism: From Argentina to Wall Street (NACLA Magazine)

Horizontalidad: Where Everyone Leads (Yes! Magazine)

Horizontalidad (en español, Yes! Magazine)

Walking We Ask Questions: A Conversation with John Holloway (Left Turn Magazine)

Against and Beyond the State: A Conversation with John Holloway (Upping the Anti: A Journal of Theory and Action)

Horizontalidad, Autogestión y Protagonismo en Argentina (Historia Actual, España)

Ruptures in Imagination: Horizontalism, Autogestion and Affective Politics in Argentina (Policy and Practice: A Development in Education Review, Belfast, Ireland)

New Languages from New Practices in Argentina (Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, UK)

The Shock of the New: An Interview with Colectivo Situaciones, (Colectivo Situaciones site, Derive Approdi, Argentina)

The Power of the Piqueteros (from We Are Everywhere, in art activism)

A Rainbow Flag Over Habana (Upsidedownworld)

For the Love of Libros: A Book Fair and a Fortress (Cuba absolutely)

G8 Dispatches: Organizing for Justice: Inside the Anti-G8 in Japan (alternet)

Various articles I have written, from legal defense in Japan, Che in Bolivia, farmers in Argentina to women in situations of prostitution:

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